Friday, December 27, 2013

HI-LITES 2014 Cruise Schedule

HI-LITES Motor Club has finalized their 2014 Cruise Schedule. Please take note and place these dates in your calendar. We hope to see you soon.

May 17th   4-7pm    Wegmans                Wilkes Barre
June 21st   5-8pm    Pikes Creek Park     Rt 118,  Lehman
July 19th   5-8pm    Twist & Shake         Rt 29, Pikes Creek
July 26th   1-4pm    St Pauls Church       Rt 118, Dallas
Aug 16th   1-4pm    Meadows                 Rt 415, Dallas
Aug 23rd   5-8pm    Twist & Shake         Rt 29, Pikes Creek
Sep 20th    4-7pm    Pike Creek Park       Rt 118, Lehman
Oct 5th      10am?    Fall Travel Cruise    Leaving from Lehman

Please check out our Events page for more details