Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Hi-Lite of the Month - April 2024

 Welcome to the newest page to our site. This page was set up to show off our awesome members and their cool rides. Each month we will "Hi-Lite" one of our members and their story. We look forward to sharing some really cool stories here.

April 2024

Edjew (aka Shotgun) and Judy Gunn

We couldn't think of a better way to start off the 2024 season than to recognize one of our favorite couples in the club. Ed and Judy Gunn have been members of Hi-Lites for almost 15 years and have been wonderfully married partners for over 55 years.  If you've been to a Hi Lites cruise, then you know Ed and Judy. 

Consistent helpers at the shows, Judy can always be found sitting behind the sales table trying to give customers a better deal than the Kmart Blue Light Specials of years gone by.  When you see the Hi-Lites Trailer arriving or departing, there's a good chance Judy is behind the wheel of the big-block Torino pulling it. In contrast, Edjew can usually be found walking around the show grounds with a smile on his face; discussing engine displacement and horse power with any car owner that smiles back. If you feel like discussing your car, Edjew will be a great listener. A mechanic by trade, Edjew has been twisting wrenches on old Fords since the first Model A Doodlebug he and his brother purchased for $15 at the age 14. 

Here is a short quote from Edjew...

"I've loved this hobby since I was in grammar school. Back then it was all we talked about. We didn't have video games and the Internet. Black and White TV came along when I was in 8th grade, so cars and the Yankees on the radio were pretty much the only things to do. We need young people to help keep this hobby alive."

Well enough about them. Let's get on to their cars...

1974 Ford Torino (Starsky and Hutch Clone)
V8 460ci Auto

1972 Ford Gran Torino

351CJ 4spd original owner

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