The 2017  Event Schedule

The Hi Lites car club meet at Grotto Pizza in Wednesday, March 1st 2017 at 7:00 for their regular meeting. The goal of the meeting was to finalize the event schedule for the upcoming year. All dates are confirmed and several rain dates are posted. We are excited about this coming season and the many events planned should prove to be bigger and better than last year.

Our membership continues to grow and we are always looking for new members to help us make our club stronger. If you are interested in becoming a member, please see our "Membership" page.

The dates for this years events are as follows...

May 6th                                         11am   LCCC                        Nanticoke
May 20th    (rain date 5/21)           11am   Grotto Pizza               Harveys Lake
June 3rd     (rain date 6/04)            1pm   Back Mt. Bowl           Rt 415, Dallas
June 17th   (rain date 6/18)            4pm   Pikes Creek Park        Rt 118, Pikes Creek
July  22nd   (rain date 7/23)            1pm   St Pauls Church          Rt 118, Dallas
Aug  12th                                        1pm   Meadows                    Rt 415, Dallas
Aug  26th    (rain date 8/27)             4pm   Twist & Shake           Rt 29, Pikes Creek
Sep   16th   (rain date 9/18)             3pm   Pike Creek Park         Rt 118, Lehman

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on April 5th @ Grotto Pizza.

Luzerne County Community College

First our first show of the season, we are totally pumped to be partnering with the LCCC Alumni Association for our first ever cruise at the college. This event allows us spread our reach outside of the Back Mountain and give the opportunity for some folks from the valley to experience our type of fun.

What makes this event even better is that the LCCC Alumni Association will be hosting their annual Flea Market and they have a facebook event page that will promote our car show as well. They have dozens of vendors already signed up and with our involvement this event should prove to be a win, win situation for all.

Grotto Pizza Cruise

Grotto Pizza was an awesome cruise last year and we expect nothing less this year. During last years inaugural event, we had cars from as far away as New York state. This is a special cruise for us because it is the site of our monthly meetings and we are looking to fill the lot with 75 cars this year.

Maybe we can even end the cruise with a nice slow drive around the lake for those that are interested.

Pikes Creek Park Cruises

Continuing with the great tradition of the Hi-Lites Motor Club,  we will be heading back to Pikes Creek Park for two cruises this year.  These cruises are wonderful for the whole family and not just the motor heads. With the park offering Go Carts, Mini golf, a playground and great food, Pikes Creek Park is the ideal location for a successful cruise. The last few years club members have competed in the "Hi-Lites 500" and try to stake their claim to the clubs best driver. Best of all, last year the young dancers came and put on an awesome performance. They literally "Stole the Show".

The owner Gregg has been a wonderful club supporter over the years and has agreed to give let us use the entire paved lot this year. Well, lets fill it for him.

Twist and Shake Cruises

Twist and Shake has proven to be one of our longest running venues.  We average almost 50 cars at these events and expect even more as our club continues to grow. While at these cruises you can enjoy some great tasting ice cream with your favorite topping.

St Pauls Cruise

The cruise at St Paul's Lutheran Church keeps growing and growing.  These guys and gals really know how to put on a cruise. Our forth year teaming up with them brought out about 60 cars, but our cruise is only a portion of the festivities they have happening. Although our attendance keeps growing, there is still a huge amount of space to fill both shaded and center stage.  This could easily prove to be the largest cruise of the year.  With everything they had happening (food, ice cream, raffles, bake sale, SPCA animals,  Fire House, Ladder Truck and so much more) for participants it proves to be a wonderful family focused event.

Meadows Cruise

Year after year, we get excited about this cruise like no other. This event just seems to bring everyone out. If you were with us last August at the Meadows Nursing Center for our annual cruise, then you know just we are talking about when we say "Can it get any better than this?". What a great event we had with about 60 plush rides surrounding the picturesque pond, with grass parking and ample shaded areas to place your chair. We hope this years event can match up to last years.

Fall Travel Cruise

For many of the club members, this is their favorite event of the year. Besides the fact that they don't need to set up / clean up, they also only have one car to worry about and that is their own. What a great time we have taking an hour drive with some of our best friends and their beautiful cars on a time of the year when the scenery couldn't get any prettier. Come join us for this years event and get an insiders look at who we are and how much fun we can have.