The 2023 Event Schedule

The dates and locations for this years events are as follows...

May  20th   (r/d 5/21)      1 pm    Back Mt. Bowl          Rt 415, Dallas
June  10th   (r-d 6/11)    10 pm    LCCC                        Nanticoke
June   24th  (r-d 6/25)      4 pm    Perkins                      Tunkhannock   
July   8th     (r-d 7/9)        4 pm    Pikes Creek               Rt 118, Pikes Creek
July   22nd  (r-d 7/23)    12 pm    Grotto Pizza              Harvey Lake
Aug   12th   (r-d 8/13)      1 pm    Meadows                  Dallas
Aug   26th   (r-d 8/27)      1 pm    Kingston Armory     Kingston
Sept   16th   (r-d 9/17)      1 pm    Back Mt. Bowl         Rt 415, Dallas      
Sep    30th                         TBA    Members Day           TBA
Oct    14th                       11 am     LCCC                       Nanticoke 

Back Mountain Bowl 

Last year Back Mountain Bowl opened its parking lot to us once again and did we show them how a well respected club can fill a huge parking lot. So many cars so many people and so much fun. They are so thrilled to have us year after year, that this year they are having us do two shows. So lets fill them up again this year. Their food is always to die for and the kids can enjoy bowling and the game room and maybe even sneak in some roller skating next door. One of the cool things about this location is the number of cars that drive by honking, screaming and racing their engines.

Luzerne County Community College

Unfortunately, we got rained out for last years Flea-Market show and they rescheduled for a date we were booked. That was a bummer because that show always pulls a crowd and gives car owners an opportunity to check out all the cool stuff for sale at the flea market. However, we are totally pumped to once again be partnering with the LCCC Alumni Association for two shows the season. These events allow us spread our reach outside of the Back Mountain and give the opportunity for some folks from the valley to experience our type of fun.  Last year we had our Second Annual "Trunk or Treat" show to line up with their Fall Craft fair. Wow, what a beautiful day with cars and costumes all over the place. We even threw in a few corny riddles that Simon seemed to get a real kick out of.


This is a new cruise for our club this year, but a familiar place to most of our members. Since this is a slightly smaller venue then we normally have, you may want to get their early go grab a good spot. However, please make sure you leave room for our trailer and tent set-up. The pictuesque setting overlooking the Shadowbrook Resort and Golf Club should be amazing. Maybe your ride will put a smile on the face of a frustrated golfer who is about to tee-off on their final hole of the day.

Pikes Creek Park Cruises

Continuing with the great tradition of the Hi-Lites Motor Club,  we will be heading back to Pikes Creek Park for a cruise this year.  These cruises are wonderful for the whole family and not just the motor heads. With the park offering Go Carts, Mini golf, a playground and great food, Pikes Creek Park is the ideal location for a successful cruise. The last few years club members have competed in the "Hi-Lites 500" and try to stake their claim to the clubs best driver. 

The owner Gregg and his wife have been a wonderful club supporters over the years and they have once again agreed to give us the whole lot and the grass this year. The way we have been filling his place, he may end up putting us on the track! (lol)

Grotto Pizza Cruise

We've had some rainy drizzly days in the past at grotto, but since moving the show a little later in the season our last two shows have been amazing. We almost fill their entire parking lot, but we also fill their ding area. So we love them and they love us. This is a special cruise for us because it is the site of our monthly meetings and we are looking to fill the lot with 100 cars this year.

We added a cruise around the lake to conclude this show. Last year there was a string of 30+ cars that spread out over a mile as we took the 9 mile leisurely stroll. Think of it as a parade on steroids. 

Meadows Cruise

Year after year, we get excited about this cruise like no other. This event just seems to bring everyone out. If you were with us last August at the Meadows Nursing Center for our annual cruise, then you know just we are talking about when we say "Can it get any better than this?". What a great event we had with about 60 plush rides surrounding the picturesque pond, with grass parking and ample shaded areas to place your chair. We hope this years event can match up to past years.

Kingston Armory

Last year we teamed up with the 109th to put on a cruise at the Kinston Armory. What a history that place has. They even brought out the big guns for us. Now that was cool. We in turn brought in around 100 cars from all over the valley. New, old, tuners, motorcycles, foreign and exotic, they were all there. Now that the word is out I have a feeling we could se 150+ this year.

Travel Cruise and Club Picnic

For many of the club members, these travel cruises and special events are their favorite times of the year. Besides the fact that they don't need to set up / clean up, they also only have one car to worry about and that is their own. What a great time we have taking an hour or so drive with some of our best friends and their beautiful cars. Some of these are planned and some are impromptu. Over the years we have visited museums, parades, festivals, county fairs, funerals, restaurants and so much more. To get the insider scoop on these events, come join us for our monthly meetings.