Monday, April 25, 2016

Monthly Meeting Scheduled - Wednesday May 4th 2016

Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th starting at 7:00. We meet in the back of the dining area of Grotto Pizza (Harvey's Lake) for about an hour and we should have you on your way by 8:15 at the latest. Many members come early and enjoy a bite to eat together while swapping car stories and picking on Yellow cars".

Anyway, the meeting will no doubt be dominated by discussion of the upcoming Travel Cruise to Eagles Mere Auto Museum. Because of the huge response, our first event is filled to capacity and we are not able to take any more people with us. (The restaurant and museum can only fit 50 people at once). The good news is we should have have around 30 cars traveling down the road in a huge line. Remember, get your CB hooked up and dialed in, because we love to put some chatter over the airways while driving. (they do make handheld CB's for anyone interested in using a CB without mounting a traditional one in their vehicle) What a great event to be part of.

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